Sakura 2018

Hello Peeps,

I would like to share the most beautiful experience I had a few days ago!  On the 22nd of March 2018, I landed at the Narita International Airport. My bag was full of pink colour clothes, shoes and what not, and my recent search history was over loaded with the search “Cherry Blossom” and not without reason!

What is Cherry Blossom? Cherry Blossom is the flower on the tree of Prunus. Even though the blossom can be seen in various other countries like Korea, China, India, Pakistan, the Nara period is celebrated the most in Japan. And boy do they celebrate it!

So, you can imagine how excited was that finally I was going to witness this with my own eyes. I was just so excited that I didn’t sleep well at night and by the time I got some sleep it was already morning. It was a horror to wake up at 9 am. That always happens, doesn’t it? Worse still,  my stay was really short and Narita didn’t have blooms yet! I had to leave for Tokya asap!

I quickly took a shower and wore my new pink suit and rushed to take the  hotel shuttle. I met this American guy who had lived in Japan for quite some time and he helped me run to the right train station to help me buy a ticket.  The Ticket from Narita station to Tokyo Station is for 4000 yen, which is slightly expensive even though you can take a bus which is around 800 yen but the traffic can be unpredictable. The Trains in Japan are really efficient but the sign boards in Japanese which can make it difficult to go around. I took the express train and did all my make up on board! That should tell you something about the trains in Japan! 🙂

Tokyo station was awfully busy but there’s a method to that chaos. People are so kind that you come back as a better person! I asked around on how to get to the Yoyogi park from the Tokyo station. The ticket from Tokyo to Yoyogi park is for 300 yen.  I was starving so I treated myself to custard pastry from a local shop and chomped it on my way to Yoyogi park.

And that was it! 

The place was lit with the blossom trees. It was breathtaking!  People from all over the world trying to capture with their eyes or with their cameras. All of us experiencing this at the same time. It filled my heart with so much joy!

I Imagined getting Rayna and Brahmi  wrapped in a pink blanket, sitting on a pink bedsheet, and eating little pink cupcakes! Ah, would have been beautiful!   I was a little sad that I didn’t get to share this with my family. Then I did what I often do – ask others to click my pictures! 🙂

Once I was done soaking it in, I went to eat something.  I ordered a big bowl of pork ramen and looked at the pictures of Sakura. It still didn’t feel real!

Later, I stopped by at the Imperial Palace as it is opposite the Tokyo Station.  The ride back to the Hotel was mostly spend day dreaming and looking outside the window. Guilty of using the phone as well.