DIY Face Masks

Beautiful skin is an objective concept. I have always defined it as healthy skin and not a shade. I know that as a country we are inclined towards fairer skin which is unfortunate. It’s also very strange. Because Indian skin tone is what a lot of people aspire to. What wouldn’t my white friends give to tan a little? These face masks won’t make your fairer (thank God!) but it will make your skin feel softer, healthier and help it breathe.

1)      Tomato – This is one my favorite packs to get an instant rosy glow. It’s as simple as sounds. Grate a tomato and apply on your face generously. If you can’t get the juice to stick use a cotton ball to squash it on your face. Keep this until dried, wash and there you have it!

2)      Green Tea Ice Cubes – If you have active acne this one is for you. Make yourself a strong (Two tea bags) green tea with some mint leaves. After a couple of minutes and freeze them as ice cubes. Rub these ice cubes on your face to calm your zits in this scorching heat. Also, save your used tea bags and freeze them. The tea bags can be used to get an instant relief with your dark circles.

3)      Coriander/ Parsley – Looking for a permanent solution for your dark circles? Just crush some coriander or parsley and cover your eyes generously with this paste. Now, plug your favourite music and patiently wait for 30 minutes to get the best results. Do this twice a week to make a noticeable change.

4)      Disprin (Fatigue mask) – I can swear by the results you will get with this. Crush your Disprin and add drops for water to make a thick paste. Apply, and rinse after it dries on your face. This instantly makes you look fresh.  I used at all my wedding functions because that stuff can get hectic.

5)      Honey and cinnamon – While honey has excellent antibacterial properties. Mix some with cinnamon powder and keep it on until it dries up. Wash and dry and see how nourished your skin feels.