The Bale

We arrived at The Bale after a long flight from Dubai. We had seen pictures of this place and we couldn’t wait to see it for ourselves. We were checked in by very friendly staff at the reception and we were served chilled ice tea and given cold towels to relax. To top it all we were given a welcome massage which took care of all the jet lag we were feeling!IMG_5943IMG_6017 (2)IMG_5688

We were ready to go to our villa now. This was the start of our babymoon, the last holiday we could have before the little one comes to our lives. As partners, this will be a big step in our lives. We are pregnant within just six months of our marriage so this vacation was really important for us. As we entered our villa we were thrilled to see how beautiful and luxurious are deluxe room was.

There was day bed right in front of our private pool and the canopy bed inside the bedroom. There were two showers, and one was out in the open. And the bathroom door opened into our private villa. We quickly jumped into the pool as soon as our butler left us alone. This was super refreshing and our pool was deep as the hotel had a no children policy. (Swimming is good for you when you are pregnant!) I know that a lot of people don’t know this and people frown when I tell them I swim in my pregnancy. Even my mother was reluctant until I double checked with my doctor.

But I get tired easily and I had to leave Durjoy in the pool where in stepped out to lay down at the day bed while he enjoyed the private pool. It was getting dark and we were hungry so headed to the Bali Collection. The Bale gave us a free pick up and drop so we were happy to make the most of it. The Bali Collection is the Indonesian version of our Cyber Hub without the alcohol restrictions. The food was divine and stuffed ourselves to the full.IMG_5793 (2)

Next morning, we couldn’t rise on time from our comfortable bed. We called in breakfast in our room. The breakfast was amazing! It was set up next to the pool and that’s how breakfasts should always be! The freshly made pancakes, Eggs Benedict and Florentine, fresh fruits and juice was all we could ask for on a lazy day like this. We swam and ate and swam. IMG_5792

Later, I hung around the day bed reading a book while Durjoy stayed in the pool doing dangerous/stupid stunts. He made me shoot boomerangs. About 3 in the afternoon we decided to finally step up to do some sightseeing. I called for an Uber to go visit the local temples but the driver denied me duty even after the money was deducted. To be safe, just book a local taxi when in Bali. I am still waiting for my refund from Uber. We went to the Uluwatu to begin with followed by Tanah lot. The temples were surreal, and we spend a good amount of time gazing around. IMG_5531

After a long evening, we arrived absolutely knackered at the hotel. Thank God that I had taken a Spa appointment. We were served cold tea as we changed in for our spa. The Spa was relaxing though I could only get a facial done. Durjoy had booked himself in for a deep massage and was snoring within 15 minutes. The staff and I had a good laugh about this when he woke up.IMG_6057

It was drizzling as we got back to our room and we decided to spend some time on the day bed reading and smelling the fresh air. We doozed off and went to our room later that night. Next morning we overslept again. Because what are  holidays for if not this. We had another gluttonous breakfast and we were ready for our drive to Menjangan IMG_5953 (2)


IMG_5642 (2)



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