The Menjangan

After another elaborate breakfast at The Bale we were all set for our trip to The Menjangan. Read about my stay at The Bale on the previous blog.

We were greeted by an extremely professional and polite driver. My concern with the long ride was put to rest soon. We were  given cold towels, pillows, there were cold drinks in the chiller, nuts, fruits and even WIFI!IMG_6138 (2).JPG
The ride from Nusa Dua to Menjangan is about 4 hours but we probably took 6 as we stopped at the beautiful temples and houses that lined the drive. The landscape was spectacular. Just never-ending blues and whites. We got a chance to visit the coffee plantations and tasted about 15 different styles of coffee (ginger coffee? Who knew that existed?) We tried the famous Luwak coffee (the most expensive coffee in the world!) as well.IMG_6180.JPG
It was already nightfall when we entered The Menjangan, a peaceful retreat in the heart of a National Park. We were greeted by a family of Bambies which didn’t run away on seeing us. In fact they seemed to be at a complete ease and continued with their business. Friendly hotel staff greeted us with rice snacks and cold tea; we had it hungrily and asked for more. We were super lucky to be upgraded to the Ocean Villa from the Monsoon Deluxe. It was absolutely the most beautiful setting. I know private pools are luxury and I’m grateful to god that I have had the opportunity to experience them, but this was something else. Our villa was in the middle of the jungle and our doors opened to the Ocean!IMG_6410 (2)IMG_6467 (2)IMG_6478IMG_6705IMG_6766IMG_6772IMG_6848 (2)IMG_6861IMG_6927 (2)IMG_6937 (2)
We headed to the Pantai restaurant which is right in the middle of all the Ocean Villas and right at the mouth of the beach. It was charmingly lit at night. We ordered the local platter and it delectable. We slept like babies after. The next morning we woke up to an early rain showers and so we stayed in bed with our doors wide opened. We watched the rain from our cozy bed. We ordered breakfast to our room and stayed sipping coffee enjoying our ocean view.
Soon the sun came out. We ate, lounged about in the beach, slept, and read, and in evening we went for a safari organized by the hotel. We had a beautiful evening watching birds and spotting animals. The property also offers scuba diving, horse riding among the various other activities. I couldn’t do any of them because I was five months pregnant but talking to the other guests told us it would have been fun. We enjoyed our sunset at the Bali IMG_6850 (3)IMG_7007tower, the restaurant made perfectly to enjoy sunsets sipping our mocktails.
Next morning we visited the stables, and made friends with the gorgeous horses. There were people riding them and having a whale of a time. The next time I’m there I will surely try it out.

We tired ourselves out by the end of the day and headed towards the spa. The Mangrove Spa at the Menjangan in a hut which opens up to the ocean. It was a delight to be there and get a head massage. The food at Menjangan was delightful and the services were of the standard. I would go back there in life to have another peaceful holiday and do everything I missed out on.IMG_6686



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