The Amala

The Amala is this cozy resort situated in the heart of the city, Seminayak. Seminayak is the hub to the boutiques, beaches and the most happening of all party places. As we already had a quiet time at Menjangan and The Bale (you can read about them in the previous blogs), it was time for us to go to ramp it up. The last time we were here in Bali we had partied our heads off. But my body doesn’t allow me to stay on feet for very long. So this cozy beautiful villa is all I needed after a little night out at Seminayak. DSC_7241
Our villa was equipped with a private pool, a kitchen and the most beautiful canopy bed. I have noticed one very fine thing that I noticed throughout the Lifestyle retreats that the staff address its guests by names. I have worked in the hospitality from last 12 years and I know for a fact that it feels nice. Once you address someone by their name you not only that you get their attention it also makes you feel important and nice! It’s like you know them and they know you!


The Amala is known for conducting these cooking classes which we happily enrolled for. The cooking class starts with an interesting market visit where we picked our fresh ingredients. I love grocery shopping so this was fun. There were four of us in the class, the other couple were Australians from the country side. We all started grating, chopping, frying, steaming our Balinese food like professionals as the chef guided us through. It was an amazing experience not just to cook but to see my husband slice those onions. I haven’t seen him do this before. He looked like a cute puppy struggling with a large bowl of milk who can’t reach the bottom of it. We hadn’t imagined that a cooking class could be so much fun!
There was immense pleasure eating this four-course meal we made from the scratch.

We spend the rest of the afternoon chilling and swimming in the Villa’s pool. By this time, I was already getting a little sad because our trip was coming to an end. Our room was so cozy that it almost felt like home (without the luxury of course!)

We went out to the beach in the evening. It was super convenient, thanks to the hotel giving us the free shuttle service in the area.  The rest of the evening was spent exploring the little boutiques shops, art galleries and we ended up splurging on knick-knacks for our home. We passed the party places too and looked into each other’s eyes and then chose the comfort of our villa than partying that night.