Cervical Cancer Awareness


Back in 2006, my employer asked me to get a pap smear test done as a part of their medical policy. I had no idea what it was for, and I was certain nothing would go wrong. The first stumble was when I found out that a lot of doctors didn’t do that test, or even didn’t know about. When the first reports came, I was diagnosed with cysts. The minute I heard that I imagined worst case scenarios. I searched high and low about what that could mean, and I realized that these cysts could have been cancerous too. Fortunately, they were not. But since then, I have always thought what if they were? I am quite regular with my tests now. More so because I have learned that cervical cancer is the most frequent cancer in Indian women. The population of women in India above 15 years is approximately 365.71 million, which are under the risk of having cervical cancer and the current estimates indicate 74,000 deaths annually, which is almost one-third of the global cervical deaths. So this is the reason it becomes more crucial and urgent for us Indians to be aware of this cancer ourselves and spreading it around our society. The lifetime risk for genital HPV is 50-80%, and the only preventive measure is HPV vaccine. So here I am, writing my experience with an urge that you all decide to be more aware and make sure that your daughters, nieces, sisters, friends get the vaccine as the younger they get, the better it is. Back in the day, it was tough to find all the information in once place but now, thanks to Zena that you can access it all over one app. Zena works brilliantly for everyone out there who is trying to change from being reactive in health to being pro-active in wellness. As a part of the same initiative, they are now offering a 20% discount to those who would like it, and as the vaccine has three doses, you can avail the discount for all of them. All you have to do is just download Zena App, simple! As I write my last words for this article, I hope that this could help someone else in some way, be it by getting a pap or knowing that there are platforms like Zena that can help you find other ways to dealing with your cancer.