Amsterdam – Canal Tour

The City of Amsterdam offers something for everyone, and every time I go there I discover something new. The city has a vibe that makes you feel much younger!
On previous trips, I have taken a bicycle and walked around the red light areas, cafes and the museums. But this time I was really feeling sick on the flight to Amsterdam. By the time I checked in and walked out of the hotel I was too knackered so thought of took a boat instead! I’m so glad I got to discover Amsterdam on the water. Trust me, the place totally changes!
IMG_1989There are many ways to go on the water to tour the Amsterdam canals. You remember the movie “Queen”  where Kangana doesn’t hire the boat as it is mehenga“. I agree! Hiring an individual boat is quite expensive. A smarter option is a Canal Bus.
Canal Bus is an audio tour which takes you to all the major historic sites and it’s absolutely lovely! I don’t think that there is any better to learn the history of Amsterdam as quickly (trivia that you can show off later!).

The tour had all the important information about every historic place we crossed. I love traveling alone but more often than not I end up boring myself. Ha! So like other times, I chatted up with other people on the boat (they were friendly and none of them wanted to push me off the boat for talking over the audio tour!).  I’m glad I pushed myself to go out even on a day when I didn’t  feel that great and there was no one accompany me.
Here’s to taking chances!