Lyon is a French city which is known as the “the gastronomic capital of the world”. And like almost every other French city, it’s breathtaking! I was staying at the Hilton hotel which is a beautiful property in front of a lake. I could have stayed in the room all day and gazed out but thank God I didn’t do that. It was a beautiful day outside! After a grand breakfast of the most delectable french pastries, I ventured out to see more of Lyon city. I was accompanied by D, one of the most patient guys I have ever met. Not one did he groan while clicking the numerous pictures!  I wore a long, flowing Urban Outfitters dress and carried my Celine bag to go with it.

IMG_2076The bus station was right behind the hotel I was staying at.  The bus dropped us off at the main station and we walked our way to the Old city of Lyon (a world heritage site) which was like stepping back in time. Specifically to the 8th century because that’s when the Church behind me was built!
Soon we came across were a cluster of restaurants and bars and it took me all my might not to indulge again. Instead we gave the little souvenir shops a visit. It’s there that I came across a puppet souvenir shop dedicated to the old puppet show Guignol.  It was rather interesting to see such a shop but I didn’t buy anything from there. Now that I think of it, I should have!
IMG_2084IMG_2148Our next destination was Basilique Notre Dame de Fourviere – the church on top of a hill. It was quite a walk! But it was worth it. From the top you get the most spectacular view of the town. This Church is dedicated to the Virgin Mary. The woman to whom the salvation of the city of Lyon from the bubonic plague (Black Death, 1643) is attributed to.  After a while, we headed back to the Old town and couldn’t wait to eat all the food I saw on my way to the top. We sat in the cafe and I chose to eat a Salad Crepe (I didn’t know such a thing existed!)
Later we bought some Macarons, wine and cheese for ourselves on the way back to our hotel. It was a day well-spent!