7 Things that should be on your Bucket List!

Ever since I was a little kid, I have wanted to travel and I have been lucky enough to do so. It seems almost unbelievable to me that I have managed to travel to over 70 countries in the last ten years. And while I love every single one of those places, there are some places that stay with you more than the others. So here are the run down of the 7 places that should be on your bucket list, whenever you decide to make one!

This is the biggest carnival in the whole world. There are about 2 million people who come for this fest in the second week of February.  I was so fortunate to be there last year. The Samba festival is a beautiful, crazy parade of costumes and dance held in different arenas. But that is not all! There are street parties which happen around the town filled with music, costumes, beer and absolutely ripped men and women. At any given point,  there are about 300 parties in progress! If you remember Dhoom 2  there are shots of Carnival in that movie Hrithik Roshan is a part of the Samba Parade in in disguise.


Summers in the South of France are absolutely beautiful. The landscape from Nice to St. Tropez or Cannes to Monte Carlo with the beaches around the Pacific and Hills around canyon are straight out of a dream. To have a picnic around the Carcassonne castle overlooking the magnificent view with the basket of French wine and food freshly bought from the village around there is one of the best experience you can ever have!


The highest peak in Africa, Kilimanjaro is on the bucket list of any mountaineer. Though I’m farthest from being one, I jumped at the opportunity to climb it. The climb is steep and trying and long, but once you get to the top it’s all worth it!


I have lived in Bhutan for seven years as a child when it was still a kingdom. It’s one of the quietest, most peaceful places I have ever been to. Bhutan only allows a certain number of tourists per year but the restriction doesn’t apply to Indian nationals. Go to this beautiful Buddhist land (which by the way is Carbon Negative) and meet the happiest people in the world!

You don’t have to be a child to experience the magic that is the Universal Studios. The Harry Potter experience was wonderful and one I would remember for a lifetime! Read more about it here. IMG_1286IMG_1148IMG_1380

Japan is one of the most sophisticated countries in the world. There culture is steeped in everything that they do. The people are so warm and kind. I absolutely love being there. It feels like being in a city where everyone is a friend. The best time to go there is around the time of the Cherry Blosson or the Sakura season as it is called.  I was very lucky to be there at the end of the season will always cherish my time there.D83B584C-0490-4C42-A3C7-341C991C532Fjte

The Aurora is an incredible light show caused by collisions between electrically charged particles released from the sun that enter the earth’s atmosphere and collide with gases such as oxygen and nitrogen. (So much science!) On a flight to Canada I was lucky enough to chance upon this beautiful view! Like catching God in the middle of a painting. The experience was overwhelming! A lot of people go to Scandanavian countries to see these lights and I hope to do it someday as well.

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My hometown situated at the foothills of Himalayas is a beautiful mix of culture and modernity. The city has the most beautiful landscape overlooking the hills. The lichis growing in yards, the little lanes and the little cafes, the tea shops and the quaint bookstores will warm even the coldest of hearts.  Come, visit my town!CB4EFA6A-1473-4176-ADAB-9CDC30618155DCF758CB-4869-4829-B940-E2E9CDF48D7295AEBFC6-F853-405E-A7E4-20C42DB66D54