If there’s any place I think Hogwarts would be hiding behind a train station it would be Scotland. With its distinctly colonial structures and lush green lawns, who’s to say there’s no Neville Longbottom lurking around. So this blog is about the day I spent in Edinburgh. Not necessarily looking for a Hogwarts senior.
I was staying at the Marriot Hotel in Glasgow. The hotel – apart from being a wonderful property, absolutely beautiful – is very close to the Downtown Glasgow and the train stations are at a walking distance from there.
We boarded the direct train from the Queen station to Edinburgh which takes about an hour to reach and costs 16 pounds for a return ticket. The Scottish scenic beauty is a sight to behold, and we were staring out all the while, our noses pressed against the windows.
Luckily it was a beautiful sunny day so I picked up a long flow dress to feel like a part of the castle which we planned on visiting in Edinburgh. As the weather in Scotland (and in all of Europe) is really unpredictable I packed a jacket, an umbrella and wore leg warmers just in case we faced a sudden shower or something. I’m usually not this well planned but you learn something after buying 7 umbrellas half-drenched on 7 separate occasions. LookI love rain, but when it is cold and raining there is no one who wants to go Chham, Chham, Chham, Chham (Baaghi movie reference!).


IMG_1510Edinburgh station is quaint and cozy. It’s dotted with cafes to little souvenier shops. I felt like a snack after a long train ride – like I often do – and I picked up a hot dog dripping with mustard sauce from the cart. But if you are a vegetarian, you can have the churrios which are insanely yummy and you have to have them in Scotland.IMG_1492The train station of Edinburgh is also centrally located and the landscape was a treat to see.  To start with there is an Old Saint Paul Espisocal church right after we exit from the station at the King street.  Here is my rule for sight seeing that one can never cover it all in one go so instead of rushing to tick on your to do list it is better to relax and enjoy and of course click a lot of pictures. Because did it really happen if there are no pictures? 🙂
So, that’s what we did. We stayed around the church and clicked a lot of pictures, interacted with the locals, observed the people around us while we sat on a bench close to the church.IMG_1496You probably have sensed the mood of this trip. It was lovely and easy going.
Even though the Edinburgh castle was just ten blocks away we spotted a Yo Sushi. It was raining and even though I had my rain gear I couldn’t keep all three of us waddling in puddles so we chose to gorge on sushi and mimic the Scottish accent quite horrible. Thankfully the weather cleared up and we finally walked up the hill and entered the castle.
The search for the sorting hat, a broken wand, and Mrytle was futile.