Biker Chic- Get this look!

IMG_2110I love bikes so it wasn’t hard to channel this look. You can easily achieve this look without having to go all gothic. So all you need is to go back to your closet and find everything you need right there. I have mostly picked grey and black but, you can even try dark blue or just black!

Outfit details :

Jeans : Guess
Shoes : Zara
Belt : Forever21
Choker : Aldo
Jacket : French Connection
Sunglasses : Burberry

Blouse : H&M
cropped-cropped-cropped-14100355_10154727076839206_5449958650756857455_n1.jpgMetal Buckle Belt14100355_10154727076839206_5449958650756857455_nIMG_2122IMG_2121IMG_2117IMG_2113IMG_2114IMG_2116IMG_2112IMG_2111IMG_2110