Get this Look- Knee High Boots!

The knee high boots are really useful. As much as they are a great fashion statement, they keep you warm and snugly! Knee high boots are available in all colors and fabrics. You can pick whatever you fancy! We all have plenty of looks to get inspired from. I wore these boots with a tweed suit that I got from Zara and carried my Chanel bag to complete the look. You can wear them on top of your jeans or leggings as well. Make sure they are tight and roll down easily! Putting them on can be a challenge but they are worth it!

Tip :  Wear sheer stockings under the boots when paired with a mini skirt

Velvet Boots : Misguided
Tweed Suit : Zara
Lipstick : YSL (Prune Virgin)
Handbag: Chanel