Mount Uetliberg

BGI love Switzerland! And it’s not only because my first husband, Shahrukh Khan, spent a major part of his life romancing actresses who didn’t deserve him. It’s so beautiful and I find something new to do there every time I do.
This time I was staying at the Hilton in Zurich, a property close to the airport. And amongst the first things I found worth doing in Zurich and found out about this beautiful little hill,  Mount Uteilberg, a mountain on the Swiss Plateau, and a part of the Albis Chain.  I enthusiastically enrolled six other girls to join me for this expedition.
We were all raring to go! I printed the directions but to start with we missed our shuttle and there was not a next until an hour. I have a confession. I’m a bit bossy and by a bit I mean a lot. So I took in charge and we started walking to the train station. So as you probably already know that bossy doesn’t necessarily mean I’m good at it. So, I lost my way to the airport station – twice! – so half way we gave up and took a cab to the station.  Their laughter on the way to the station still hurts!IMG_1152The main Zurich station is the next stop from the airport and it takes about 16 francs to go the mountain.  Of course as my lover, Shahrukh Khan, would have expected I taught my co-passengers DDLJ songs as you know – Eurorails mean DDLJ. IMG_1148From the Uetliberg station, it was a moderate climb to the top of the hill. As we climbed up we witnessed the most beautiful panoramic views of Zurich.  There is an Uetliberg TV tower from where you can get an even better view! As its always the case with Switzerland, I clicked a lot of pictures but none of them capture the beauty of the view. As it was just the beginning of the European summer the evening brought with itself a little nip in the air. We decided to have a drink before we could head back to the Zurich city.

You can choose to stay at the top of the hill too if you fancy. There is a small Hotel there named “Uto Kulm”. It is slightly over priced than the city but with the view and fresh air we too were tempted to check-in. Instead we just sat there quietly for a while and gazed out.
We finished our drinks and headed back to the city.
At the Airport station I tried the most amazing bagel cheese with ham. The cheese and meat in Switzerland is to die for! Now it was time for me to snuggle back in my bed. Before I could sleep I had to  send all the beautiful pictures to my family and my husband.IMG_1228